Last weekend I experienced tidal waves of cravings for some delicious crepes! A totally inexplicable impulse, but I had to do something about it! My solution [this recipe] takes practically no time at all (10 minutes), uses just 5 ingredients (all of which I already had in my cupboard) and requires no culinary finesse whatsoever! It’s a super quick, easy and affordable recipe which only relies on some staple ingredients, and yet which delivers an ultra satisfying punch of crepe textures and flavors! So today or tomorrow, why not treat yourself to something delicious too?! Click more to get the full recipe… 


Not in the mood for something sweet? I’ve also added a savory recipe as well – some people just do t have the sweet tooth, which is totally ok, so the savory alternative works perfectly too; a different topping, but aside from that exactly the same.


I’ve cooked this recipe on a super high-quality Ultimum 24cm Skillet, given to me by Circulon Kitchenware, which can lend itself to healthy cooking. Why? Using nonstick pans means you need far less oil to lubricate the items when you’re cooking. Just a teaspoon or two of oil will let you sauté meats and vegetables – far less than you’d need with a pure stainless-steel pan. It’s also great for cooking delicate foods like eggs that might snag and break apart easily in a “stickier” pan.


Here’s how to do it…




1.        Pop the oatmeal into a blender – blend until very fine, and aim for the same consistency as flour. Remove the home-made oat flour and pop into a separate bowl.

2.        Add the egg, the almond milk, water and a teaspoon of honey

3.        Mix it all together into a watery consistency

4.        I’m using a tiny amount of butter on a low heat to softly gild the skillet

5.        Add the batter and flip it over on both sides, to taste

6.   Add the topping, I’m using peanut butter and mixed berries (blueberries, blackberries, and strawberries). 

7.        Fold the crepe, drizzle some melted dark chocolate, and eat!