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What would the world be without dessert ?! Arguably, nothing! It would be like Juliet without her balcony, and even without her Romeo. Thankfully that was just a mental hypothetical question, and in reality, I aim to encourage my sweet tooth every now and again simply because it makes me happy! To do this, I’ve developed an array of desserts which are on the nutritious side, and yet which taste incredible. This oxymoron of characteristics (healthy deliciousness) is surprising to many who sample them, and today’s blog post weighs in as a serious addition to the roster. Bizarrely, it’s the recipe that I receive most incoming requests for (!?) and so here, ladies and gentlemen, is my Apple, Rhubarb & Blueberry Crumble, which draws upon the titular fruits, as well as seeds, nuts, oats and an array of exotic spices! Click more to read exactly how to rustle up this epic dish ahead of your dinner occasion!

With a normal apple crumble, you can usually just peel and cut up the apples, drizzle some honey on top of the apples, add the crumble part on top and let it cook until it’s nice and golden. For this recipe, however, I like to cook up the rhubarb and blueberries beforehand so that I can be sure the rhubarb isn’t too bitter and sour. Follow my instructions, and all will be well!

But first, here’s a section on the history of the humble crumble; it’s not that old a dish, and was popular during the War thanks to rationing (though perhaps also historians should note that it was also fabulously delicious which contributed significantly to its popularity). That’s about all I could find on Wikipedia, so, end of history section, and on to the main event…

Fitness On Toast Faya Blog Girl Healthy Recipe Workout Dish Food Tasty Treat Health Snack Diet Lower Calorie Dessert Pudding Dish Baking Ideas Delicious


  1. Start off with the crumble part, as this will allow your crumble to chill a little before it goes into the oven, making it extra crisp. This also makes sure your apples don’t go brown whilst waiting to go into the oven.
  2. Chop your nuts (although I like some to be a little bigger for a more rustic look and taste). Add them to a bowl with your porridge oats, honey, cinnamon, cardamom, and coconut flour. Add the coconut oil and with your hands mix the ingredients together.
  3. Finally, put in the fridge to cool.
  4. Next start work on the fruits, by washing and peeling them. Slice the rhubarb into small slices about the size of your thumb, and add them into the pot. Add the blueberries and 1 dl of water and keep on a medium heat until the fruit starts to soften.
  5. Stir until mushy.
  6. Then add the honey and vanilla (optional) until it suits your personal taste. My view is that you won’t need too much of this so err on the light side.
  7. Slice the apples into thick-ish slices. Place them onto a tray, and put your rhubarb blueberry mixture on top.
  8. Take the crumble out of the fridge, sprinkle over the apple and rhubarb mixture so that it covers, and place in the oven, on 250 degrees for around 40 minutes (or until visibly golden)
  9. Spread some fresh blueberries on top for a contrast in warm and cold fruit, and a dollop of coconut or soya yoghurt and serve!
  10. Enjoy and devour! Faya x