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I completely adore travelling, as you may well have figured from the bursting travel section on my blog! In chasing the semi-nomadic dream of always being on the move, I’ve amassed a few tips-and-tricks around how to stay healthy along the way and thought I’d share my top 6 with you here. I’ve also included this little stop-motion video I put together with my friends at Garnier, who’ve been equipping me with awesome wellness & beauty solutions for my active travels for the past 9 months. I thought I’d showcase some of them! Click MORE below to see the full Top 6 Tips!


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Whatever you do, I can’t stress enough that you should stay hydrated! Whether you’re on the plane, by the pool, or going to a beach or a market etc! Air-conditioned aeroplane air is super dehydrating, and if you’re low on water to start with, you’ll feel hunger as the body identifies that it needs something! Planning ahead and drinking plenty of water can help your body feel better! Often when we’re hungry, we’re actually thirsty, because our bodies can mistake dehydration for hunger; if we eliminate the former (by drinking water) the latter should also subside! You lose about 2.5l during a normal day (probably more in the dry air-conditioned aeroplane environment), regain 1 litre via food, and will likely need an extra 1.5 litres from drinking water. Swigging regularly whilst travelling will keep you alert and focused, will keep the skin pure and taut, will charge up the metabolism, purify the blood and keep the joints well lubricated; to my mind, it really shouldn’t be considered optional – you should force yourself to make sure the bottle stays topped up, as it makes a huge difference. Would you drive your car without petrol?!

To help keep my skin in optimal condition, whether on the plane, after a day in the sun, or during a workout, I pack my Moisture Bomb for its hydrating, smoothing & UV protective properties – it’s pictured below with another moisture bomb of sorts – fresh coconut water, bursting with electrolytes and refreshing goodness! 🙂

Garnier Moisture Bomb


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This blogging malarkey takes me on my fair share of foreign adventures, so I can associate with the difficulties often faced; croissants and jam at the airport lounge, a tempting and yummy lunch at the destination, a hotel with delicious welcome-goodies perched on the check-in desk AND WHAT – NO GYM ?!? Fear not, all is not lost. I’ve – but what about the exercise side of the equation? The pictures in this post might look comically goofy (and they absolutely are), but they hold the key to a simple travel ethos that’s gotten me out of trouble on so many occasions; half a workout is better than no workout at all!

1) Press Ups – 15 reps
2) Squats – 15 deep reps
3) Step-ups – 15 reps
4) Lunges – 15 reps
5) Scissor-crunches – 15 reps
6) Tricep Dips – 15 reps
7) Raised-leg crunches – 15 reps
8) Crazy Jumping Around – loads of reps
9) Calming Yoga-inspired Meditation: 3 minutes should suffice.

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When you arrive at your summer destination, your swimwear is likely the first thing you’ll want to use, so pack it in hand luggage! Rather than waiting for your baggage to arrive at the room, you can throw it on instantly and unwind by the pool. Sometimes your room isn’t ready in which case it’s logistical hassle having to unpack the suitcase and change elsewhere!

Finally, worst case scenario, if your bag gets lost, at least you have your bikini, which can just *make* the holiday .😀Pack your clothes on thin wire hangers – the dry cleaner’s ones are ideal! By including them in your case, with your clothes attached, you just hang them up instantly upon arrival, and can leave them behind when you just want to stuff your clothes back in the suitcase for the unwelcome return leg of the journey! I always like to include some active kit too, in case I fancy a gentle beach-side run at sunset, for example. I also travel with my BB cream, go easy on the makeup” – don’t cake your face in makeup when it’s hot outside and include a photo of the product, where possible rather than hidden away into the case.

I also travel with my BB cream, so that I can go easy on the makeup! I don’t like to cake my face in makeup when it’s hot outside and this helps me to feel world-ready in just such a scenario! The little guy even makes it out to the beach with me sometimes 🙂

Garnier BB cream


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Walking is an exceptional workout; might not feel like a workout per se, but if you do it regularly and properly, it comes with several wondrous health benefits. Above all, you don’t need a membership, and it can be squeezed in whenever there’s a bit of extra time; whether that’s walking to or from work; on lunch breaks; and in this case, on holiday as an eager tourist! It’ll help you develop stronger bones, build a healthier heart, control weight, energise the body and tone up muscles too! Depending on your current fitness level, a brisk strut may very well get you sweating and raise the heart rate too. As you progress you can increase the distance and/or speed, switch between high and moderate intensity, decrease the ‘recovery periods’, and find hills/steps to climb. If you’re unsure how many steps you take in a day how about trying out a pedometer; Britain’s NHS suggests we should aim to take >10,000 steps a day to see health benefits, which sounds VAST, but our lazy-day average is supposedly c. 4,000, so it’s definitely achievable!

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The first part of the holiday can be the most difficult, as you relax and sink into ‘holiday indulgence mode’. Before even reaching your fabulous holiday destination, it’s not unusual to have eaten your body weight in tempting travel chocolates whilst waiting out a delay! Being stuck in an airport waiting – bored, hungry, tired and emotional – is no fun, and the odds seem impossibly stacked against you to stay healthy. It’s often the case of grabbing a quick bagel, bag of crisps and a soda. Junk foods, like air, can be found anywhere, anytime. But unlike air, they should be occasional treats and not meals of laziness! Here are some tips I like to stick to;
1. STOCK UP: Make sure to have a nutritious, sustaining breakfast/lunch/dinner before you even leave the house.
2. PLAN AHEAD: Bring your own snacks – you control the  content – think nuts, seeds, fruit, water – at least until you get to your destination and can enjoy a proper meal!
3. CHEW SOMETHING: Chewing Gum is a sweet stimulation, to simulate sugar intake, and trick the brain into thinking its meal time. Not great on a totally empty stomach though, as it raises acid levels.
4. GO GREEN: Salads with some protein are a totally fair option if available, but be sure to check fat/salt content of things like the dressing – often a hidden calorie bomb!
5. SIZE MANAGEMENT: Watch your portions – nibbling little and often is better for the body’s natural metabolic pace.
6. MEET THE CHALLENGE: Being a bit hungry isn’t the end of the world and won’t kill you. Many swear that it raises mental alertness as you head into ‘forraging’ mode!
7. SLEEP IT OFF: Low in blood sugar? Feeling tired? Zzzz… far better than scoffing a packet of crisps and chocolate bar for the sake of it!

After a solid day of activity (and bathing) in the sun, I like to treat my hair to some nourishing restoration, so I’ve been using the Ultimate Blends ‘Marvellous Glow’ oil, which you see glowing marvellously in the below picture! Thanks to the argan & camellia oils, the smell is deliciously indulgent and the morning after my pre-sleep application, I’m left with my hair looking shiny and feeling soft & replenished!

Garnier Hair Oils


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Sun safety is crucial in my mind. Whether that includes a daily moisturiser imbued with SPF, staying hydrated to avoid heat stroke, or using the UV Sport protective mist from my friends at Garnier. It’s superb during workouts, as I can train safe in the knowledge that no matter how much I sweat, swim or sunbathe, it’s still there protecting my skin throughout.  It’s worth packing more than you think you’ll need, as there’s nothing worse than having to be frugal with it until the end of the trip, sacrificing skin health in the process!

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I hope those little tips help, and bon vacances 🙂
Faya x