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Back in January 2015, I was thrilled to join my friends at adidas for the global launch of the UltraBOOST, which has since become the hottest casual running shoe in the world! Now, 18 months on, they’ve developed generation 2.0, the UltraBOOST Uncaged; a new and improved version which is a reaction to the way it was being custom modified by enthusiasts! As a self-confessed shoe fiend; I feel privileged to have been one of the first to road-test these as part of my ambassadorship with the company.

Growing up I was relentless in pleading with my parents for a pair of trainers! So, when I finally got hold of my long sought after Stan Smiths, I would cherish them and wear them every single day, until they were falling apart, but I didn’t care.  I’m now working with the brand I have loved and admired from such a young age, and as corny as it may sound it really is a dream come true. I’ve always been heavily into sports and living a healthy life, and to work with a company with such a strong, complementary ethos is quite unbelievable! To me, adidas represents a passion for sport – functionality, style, quality; it speaks of so much heritage whilst constantly innovating and delivering new technology to further the athletes out there! Massive thank you to the adidas team for allowing me to channel my innermost excited 8-year-old sporty self! To kick off, this post is a collection of thoughts on the new shoe, as well as some pictures we shot on the marvellous Croisette in Cannes, along which I ran every morning to put my pair (in Ray Red camo) through their paces!

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In my opinion, the feel should be ranked above all else. When I first put my foot into the original UltraBOOST I felt a totally new sensation with a running shoe; it was as if my feet were experiencing that pleasurable sensation post-yawn, a cosy snugness that purely functional footwear hadn’t achieved for me in the past. This shoe develops upon that sensation, and masterfully improves it. This Uncaged shoe feels [and almost looks] like a sock, into which the foot just gently sinks. It’s seamless, with no tongue or abrasive labels to agitate the foot, and has been adapted from ‘track athlete’ foot technology to provide more support. That allows for plenty of movement in the front of the foot but still has the rigid brace to keep your foot locked in place at the back.

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I think the result is unparalleled comfort combined with the awesome energy of the boost technology; impossible amounts of spring in each step, and superb traction (you’re basically running with Continental premium tyres on the bottom of the shoe!).

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Also, they look pretty mean! It’s a more contemporary aesthetic (including that awesome ribbed knitted section around the ankle), with a streamlined, profile and their adidas Primeknit upper which leave my feet feeling aerated but not cold.

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Whilst I’ve been working with the adidas team in an official capacity for 6 months or so now, I have harboured a real passion for this company for well over a decade. From visiting their secret showrooms, to interviewing members of their Executive Board, to touring their HQ in Herzo, I’ve gleaned insight into what’s turned them into the sportswear brand with the most global momentum, and I love it! I look forward to bringing you more behind the scenes insights into their innovations, coming soon!

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