Fitness On Toast - Westin Run - April-12

A quick post today, firstly to say a huge thank you to everyone who entered the competition hosted by Westin Hotels & Resorts to win a trip to Mauritius and well done to those who battled the unseasonably freezing rain with me for our Olympic Park run. But more seriously, this post is to announce the winner of the most awesome competition I’ve ever run! There were hundreds of fabulous fitness devotees who entered, and regardless of whether you came to the run or not, you were in the running (no pun intended) to win the Active Escape to The Westin Turtle Bay Resort & Spa Mauritius. Click MORE to see who the winner was, and to check out the shots from our 5k around the scene of one of the greatest ever sporting spectacles!

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As a quick reminder, for my partnership with Westin Hotels & Resorts, we hosted a series of competitions giving some lucky UK-based readers (and their partners) the chance to savour his/her very own exquisite Active Escape occasions, firstly in Poland, then Paris, and culminating in this exquisite trip to  The Westin Turtle Bay Resort & Spa Mauritius, where everything is designed to help you feel your very best!

Fitness On Toast - Westin Run - April-20

To disprove the popular misconception that my blog visuals are only ever shot in sunshine (!) the run date was doused with lashings of arctic rain – but everyone was in such awesome spirits, with a proper desire to get out there and smash it, that the rain didn’t really dampen anything!

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It wasn’t a competitive run but rather a group session, interspersed with body weight exercises at different intervals along the way, which gave people a chance to push themselves further if they wanted, and for others to catch up. I think fitness should be inclusive, and open to everyone, always, so we planned the run that way too 😀

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Westin‘s Creative Agency have randomly selected two lucky people to go on the trip (I had no input in picking the winner). Massive congratulations to @_marhol and your other half, I hope you have the most amazing, relaxing, and active escape! From your recent Instagrams, it looks as though it may be your birthday during the coming week, so please consider this a coincidental but really quite awesome birthday present  😀 Ideally, you’ll both return fully refreshed, energised and relaxed! You’ll get a chance to nourish your body with deliciously healthy foods, participate in a host of different fun sporting activities, and will also experience the sumptuous Heavenly® Bed for a series of truly restorative sleeps. That should allow you to take on water sports, tennis and much more the next day!!!

For everyone else, keep your eyes on my social channels, as there are plenty more awesome competitions coming soon!!!

Faya x

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