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Regular readers will know that I have a relentless sweet tooth and in an attempt to tame it, I make healthy snacks which are both sweet but also nutritious – and best of all, super easy to make! This blog post showcases the recipe for my healthy and all-natural Coconut and Chocolate Energy Balls which are perfect for dispatching that 15:00 itch! It’s also a collaboration with the innovative dental brand REGENERATE Enamel Science™, as to my mind, sweet teeth should be healthy teeth (dental hygiene is a bit of a Swedish national topic!) and this was a great opportunity to showcase that! Click MORE to see it all.


1. Start by chopping and de-seeding the dates.
2. Put the almonds in a food blender and add the coconut oil, pink salt, and cacao nibs.
3. Spoon out the mixture and add the chopped dates. I prefer not to blend, but to get hands on at this point!
4. Manipulate the mixture into small bite-sized balls.
6. Break up the chocolate and slowly heat in a bowl over boiling water. Once the chocolate has melted gently dip the balls one-at-a-time, then immediately roll them in coconut flakes.
7. Let the balls cool off in the fridge for circa 2 hours.


20 Responses to “LITTLE BALLS OF ENERGY!”

  1. Wow! These look amazing! I definitely need to try making them over winter break!
    These are great healthy snacks I can have in between snacks!


    Hi Darla! This is an amazing post that really resonates with me! This afternoon I just deleted MyFitnessPal app because I realized how important it is for me to listen to my body and nourish it with the proper nutrients it needs. While the app may tell me that I’ve had my carb maximum for the day, my body screams out to me that it needs more carbs. I’m slowly recovering as well as building a positive body image. I may be the “skinny” person or the “curvy” one, but I’ve told myself that I’ll love myself and the genetics I was given, but I know that it is ME that changes and determines everything. Thanks once again for the post.

    xoxo, Stephanie

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