Fitness On Toast Faya Healthy Eggs from the Forest Diet Food Recipe Tasty Egg

I couldn’t legitimately claim to call it Fitness On Toast if I didn’t whip up the occasional recipe on toast! This ‘Eggs From The Forest’ is one of my all-time favourite recipes which is super easy to make, fabulously healthy and boasts serious waves of delicious flavour and awesome texture, which work equally well at breakfast, lunch or dinner! Click MORE to see it all & get the recipe…

Eggs from the forest


A solitary piece of quinoa bread, lightly toasted, is topped with a foraged array of colourful superfoods including the spinach which is super rich in iron, vitamins (K,C,A, BD), the high protein (13g per 100g) poached eggs, and the avocado – packed with the good monounsaturated fats, mushrooms (low in Saturated Fat and Sodium), no too mention chilli and parsley – it ticks so many healthy flavour boxes! Here’s the ‘how to’…
Ingredients (serves two hungry persons)
1. Circa 200g Mixed mushrooms
2. 1 x Avocado (half on each toast)
3. Drizzle of Truffle oil
4. My home made quinoa bread (though wholewheat will do the job too)
5. A few crumbles of Goats cheese
6. 100 grams Spinach
7. 1 x clove Garlic (optional)
8. Chilli flakes/1.5 Fresh Chili (optional)
9. Parsley (optional)
10. 2 x large organic free range eggs
 Fitness On Toast Faya Healthy Eggs from the Forest Diet Food Recipe Tasty Egg-2
How to?
1. Start by frying the garlic and chilli until soft in a pan with avocado oil.
2. Add the mushrooms and fry until they take on a golden colour.
3. Steam The spinach.
4. Toast the bread & poach an egg in a water bath.
5. Mash or slice the ripe avocado.
6. Layer up the ingredients upon the toast – spinach bed, avocado mash, mushrooms, the poached egg.
7. Finally add some parsley, a few crumbs of goats cheese and a drizzle of truffle oil.
Voila! Faya