Fitness On Toast Faya Blog Girl Healthy Breakfast Nutrition Recipe Fashion OOTD Chia Seed Protein Cinnamon Sundae Food Diet MakeThis post details a quick, easy and healthy recipe suggestion for tomorrow’s breakfast. As part of the superfood elite, chia seeds slightly defy the laws of physics; whilst each seed is tiny, its superpowers are disproportionately sized, as if they’re some kind of ‘David & Goliath’ of the nutrition world! They expand by 900% in water so that you’re fuller for longer, they’re antioxidant rich, a great source of protein (c. 20g per 100g) and healthy fats (8x more than salmon!), plus they’re awesome for skin, hair and nails! Aside from having used them to create some mixologist-quality dessert flourishes, this recipe is a little more savoury breakfast take on it. It’s super easy to make, ultra-healthy and very filling! Click MORE for the recipe.




1) INGREDIENTS (serves one glass): 
1. 1 handful of whole-wheat oats per glass
2. 40 grams of fresh organic blueberries
3. 1 tbs chia seeds per glass
4. Half a cup of water, half a cup of unsweetened almond milk.
5. A small handful of Goji berries or dried raisins / chopped dried apricot.
6. A small handful of Almond flakes
7. Cinnamon powder

2) HOW-TO?
1. Start by pouring the almond milk and water into a bowl.
2. Add the chia seeds to the mix.
3. Let the chia seeds absorb the liquid and expand for at least an hour, or preferably over night in the fridge.
4. Place the chia seeds in a glass (like the photo) or bowl and start by adding the whole wheat, and drizzle a little almond milk on top of it.
5. Then pop some blueberries on top of the wheat, and finally the dried fruit and almond flakes.
6. Top off with a dusting of cinnamon powder, and enjoy! x