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Muesli makes up an absolutely core part of my daily nutrition; it’s the raw calorific breakfast overflowing with the essential vitamins & minerals to fuel me for the day ahead. I’m not talking about pre-fabricated supermarket-sourced muesli which tends to be long on sugar and short on nutrients, but something altogether more bespoke and nourishing. Regular readers with a long memory may recall my Uber-Muesli‘ post containing the first version of my ever-evolving muesli recipe. Then followed some tweaks in ‘Perfecting the Uber-Muesli‘. Now, a full 14 months on, I thought it was time for an update post to show a few more tweaks to better reflect my latest understanding! This post contains all my latest thinking on the current edition and it’s 10 key ingredients; my ‘Maxi-Muesli’ !



My Maxi Muesli Recipe

The following 10 ingredients are those which I consider crucial in my current muesli:

1) OATS: I opt for organic, whole-rolled gluten-free porridge oats – whilst all oats are gluten-free, be aware that some are handled in factories that cannot claim to be gluten free. Regardless, all are are complex carbs, low GI, for slow-release energy throughout the morning

2) CHIA SEEDS: They feature in every healthy blog I follow, legitimately making them ‘all the rage’. Understandably so, because about half of each seed is ‘dietary fibre’ (you need eat only 25g seeds to tick off 1/3 of your RDA), they’re rich in Omega 3 (13g per 100g) for mental health, have calcium and phosphorus for bone and teeth strength, and boast about 14g of protein per 100g too! But my favourite part is the natural Tryptophan content – an amino acid which helps to regulate sleep and appetite, plus it picks up the mood too!

3) SUNFLOWER SEEDS: Mono & polyunsaturate rich, with heaps of folic acid and antioxidants for healthy cell regeneration. They’re a long-term staple of my muesli recipes!

4) TOASTED ALMOND FLAKES: These add about 10 dimensions to the flavour of the overall muesli. It develops a burnt-caramel essence in your mouth because of the toasting process. They also happen to reduce bad (naughty) LDL cholesterol, strengthen bones & teeth thanks to their phosphorous content, and help to control spikes in blood sugar after meals.

5) PUMPKIN SEEDS: These little gems promote the production of seratonin, your natural sleeping pill, plus each seed is about 30% protein!

6) TOASTED PINE NUTS: Yes, they’re rich in vitamin E for healthy skin, vitamin B for digestion, & mono-unsaturates that reduce bad cholesterol… BUT the ‘Toasted’ part is the key – it develops a lot of extra flavour, and reduces the fat content by 20%, whilst preserving the overall monounsaturate benefits of these tasty little seeds (not actually nuts)! Toasting “may actually improve the bioavailability of some bioactive compounds” according to Cornell University. Discuss (!).

7) ORGANIC MILLED FLAXSEED: 20g protein per 100g, it’s a rich source of dietary fibre + omega-3 fatty acids, plus lowers cholesterol & stabilises blood sugar. Very low in sodium too, and because it’s milled, it’s more easily absorbed and processed by the body.

8) CHOPPED DRIED APRICOTS: A fabulous source of dietary fibre, plus vitamin A for healthier eyesight & vitamin C for immune strength. Also, there’s a lower sugar content than most of the other dried fruits found in muesli’s.

9) DRIED BLUEBERRIES: Even after drying, they retain all their antioxidant properties. The only difference is that the sugar content per berry is higher as there’s no water. That means that I like to limit the absolute amount I use per serving to 1/4 of a cup (which should only contain c.11g sugar (the equivalent of an entire cup’s worth of fresh blueberries!). They make a wonderful difference to the texture and taste of the muesli, and at that time in the morning, you need some natural, simple sugars!

10) RAW SHELLED HEMP: A bonafide superfood to my mind. Super-rich in easily-digestible proteins and dietary fibre, there’s no foodstuff that can match up to the sheer amounts of essential fatty acids in these seeds, not even the mighty flax, and the ratio of omega 3 to 6 is thought to be conducive to a healthy constitution. They also contain a complete list of the essential amino acids, which is a fabulous way to access high quality protein from vegetable sources.

Each 150g serving of this maxi-muesli, excluding almond milk, contains c. 580 good calories for an energetic start to the day, just 5 grams of saturated fat (0 transfats), 56g of carbs (of which only 16g are sugars), 28g of protein, and 15% of your daily iron intake! With added benefits like healthier skin, better circulation, stronger heart function and lower cholesterol, it’s surely the best way to start any day! Thanks to my friends at Linwoods who have kindly supplied me with some of the component parts.

Enjoy 🙂 Faya x

Fitness On Toast Faya Gym Blog Girl Blogger Healthy Workout Nutrition Snack Breakfast Calorific Fuel Idea Hemp Flax Pumpkin Sunflower Cacao Blueberries Almonds Apricot Nut Seeds Nuts Seed Recipe-1