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Just an incredibly short post on one of the easiest & quickest healthy snacks I’ve ever made; brilliant as a replacement for nuts / canapés when you’re entertaining friends! It’s titled ‘Economies of Kale’ because this clean snack really isn’t expensive – Tesco offers a bag of fresh curly kale at just £1.50 for 200g! This foodstuff is basically royalty in terms of ‘fitness vogue’; my nutritious little kale chips take just c. 5-10 minutes to make, and if I do say so myself are satisfying, utterly delicious, and offer the following 6 key benefits:





1) VERSATILE: you can eat kale raw, blend it in a smoothie, steam it, bake it, stew it, or toss it in a salad or soup!
2) LIGHT OPTION: it’s low in calories at just 76 cals for a filling 100g when baked.
3) HEART-FRIENDLY: they’re incredibly low in saturated fat and cholesterol – 0% for both!
4) 21ST CENTURY POPEYE: a fantastic source of iron (crucial to aid liver function and promote cell regeneration), and packed with more than you find in the equivalent weight of beef!
5) STRONG BONES: it’s rich in vitamin K (essential to bone health and with anti-carcinogenic properties) and vitamin C (immune health).
6) ANTI INFLAMMATORY: kale’s also also a strong anti-inflammatory, weighing in with a glycemic load of just 3 (outrageously low!), and leaves you remarkably full for something of such minute calorific impact!

1. Pre – heat oven to 175 degrees c.
2. Break kale into small pieces, then rinse & dry-off thoroughly
3. Lay the kale on an oven tray
4. Sprinkle a dusting of olive oil
5. Add spice of preference – cayenne chilli, mixed herbs, or perhaps just a tiny little sprinkle of sea salt.
6. Leave in oven until golden-brown at the edges, for c. 5 minutes.
7. Devour!