Muesli Grain Update - what's whatI love to innovate with my muesli recipes, and recently, I’ve been pacing around the local Organic Grocers for some renewed inspiration. This post builds on my previous piece about the Uber-Muesli, adding all my latest discoveries to the trusty recipe. My Muesli is a bit like the Sugababes then – always changing what’s in it, but you know just what you’re getting, and it’s a well-formed product nonetheless 😉

There are 9 novelties making their way into my muesli shaker-box these days, which are helping to reduce the fat content, boost the protein proportion, and reduce the carb constitution. In short, these are:

1) Chia Seeds, 2) Toasted Pine Nuts, 3) Organic Flaxseed, 4) Chopped Roasted Hazelnuts, 5) Roasted Almond Flakes, 6) Puffed Wholegrain Oats, 7) Organic Sunflower Seeds, 8) Puffed Wholegrain Brown Rice, and finally (perhaps most tree-huggingly), 9) universe-friendly sustainably grown Organic Puffed Spelt Flakes.

To read more about the health benefits of each ingredient, click MORE below, and see why I felt it was MISSION CRITICAL to tinker with the beloved Muesli recipe! Faya x


Uber Muesli

Tasty indeed, but with Organic Whole Rolled Oats, it could often bloat you a little as the uncooked oats filled out in the stomach. Also it’s alot of carb calories, even though they are low-GI. Plus the high nut content is quite fatty (though again good fats). To tackle all these matters,  here’s the rationale for each of the 9 innovations in the main picture above…

1) CHIA SEEDS: They feature in every healthy blog I follow, legitimately making them ‘all the rage’. Understandably so, because about half of each seed is ‘dietary fibre’ (you need eat only 25g seeds to tick off 1/3 of your RDA), they’re rich in Omega 3 (13g per 100g) for mental health, have calcium and phosphorus for bone and teeth strength, and boast about 14g of protein per 100g too! But my favourite part is the natural Tryptophan content – an amino acid which helps to regulate sleep and appetite, plus it picks up the mood too!

2) TOASTED PINE NUTS: Yes, they’re rich in vitamin E for healthy skin, vitamin B for digestion, & mono-unsaturates that reduce bad cholesterol… BUT the ‘Toasted’ part is the key – it develops a lot of extra flavour, and reduces the fat content by 20%, whilst preserving the overall monounsaturate benefits of these tasty little seeds (not actually nuts)! Toasting “may actually improve the bioavailability of some bioactive compounds” according to Cornell University.

3) ORGANIC MILLED FLAXSEED: 20g protein per 100g, it’s a rich source of dietary fibre + omega-3 fatty acids, plus lowers cholesterol & stabilises blood sugar. Very low in sodium too, and because it’s milled, it’s more easily absorbed and processed by the body.

4) CHOPPED ROASTED HAZELNUTS: The phenol compounds in hazelnuts have high antioxidant properties that can zap free radicals which lead to cell damage and oxidative stress – plus the vegetable proteins in them also lower the risk of cardiac disease. Very low in Cholesterol and Sodium, they’re also a good source of Vitamin E (immune & skin health, and blood-vessel maintenance), and a very good source of Manganese (for bone strength, cholesterol synthesis and blood-sugar maintenance).

5) ROASTED ALMOND FLAKES: These add about 10 dimensions to the flavour of the overall muesli. It develops a burnt-caramel essence in your mouth because of the roasted almond flakes. They also happen to reduce bad (naughty) LDL cholesterol, strengthen bones & teeth thanks to their phosphorous content, and control spikes in blood sugar after meals.

6) PUFFED WHOLEGRAIN OATS: All the low-GI benefits of rolled oats, but so much less dense and bloating. Oats are rich in complex carbohydrates, B-vitamins, magnesium, calcium, iron, zinc and soluble fibre. Plus, they’re a great source of beta-glucan, which helps to lower the body’s cholesterol. Also, as a reminder, they have a naturally low Glycaemic Index, which helps to keep blood sugar stable for longer.

7) ORGANIC SUNFLOWER SEEDS: Not new, but I needed an extra ingredient for the picture to make up a 3×3 grid 🙂 They’re rich in mono & poly unsaturate rich, folic acid and antioxidants for healthy cell regeneration.

8) PUFFED WHOLEGRAIN BROWN RICE: One cup has only 120 calories, 10% of your RDA for dietary fibre, and but a single gram of fat 🙂

9) ORGANIC PUFFED SPELT FLAKES: Incredibly low in calories, at just 95 for the cup, it’s an excellent source of manganese, and a good source of protein, copper, and zinc. The fibre in spelt helps to reduce LDL cholesterol, and the lignans help to protect against heart disease.

Phew! Alot to take in, but if you just mix up a batch, the taste will do the talking 🙂
Enjoy! Faya x