I was reading a certain fashion magazine the other day and came across a pretty mundane article entitled ‘what’s in your bag?’ – but reading it, some of the bizarre ‘essentials’ made me giggle including ‘air freshener’, ‘an iron’ a ‘mini screwdriver set’! It got me thinking however, so I decided to blog about ‘what’s in MY bag’. And these are genuinely things that I carry with me on a daily basis to help me live a healthier lifestyle – all fitness related, of course 😉

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1) Water – c. 70% of the body is made up of water. I aim to drink at least 2l a day. 3 on a sunny day like this!

2) Apple – whenever I feel like something sweet I have my apple close at hand to help me stay clear of all chocolate. Apples are low in calories, a rich source of antioxidant compounds which repairs cells and tissue, plenty of vitamin C, heaps of dietary fibre, and only c. 80 calories per apple (!)

3) Nuts & seeds – A handful of these a day are a packed with dietary fibre + omega-3 fatty acids, plus lower cholesterol & stabilises blood sugar to give you sustained energy.

4) Multivitamin – It’s hard to get everything you need in a day and this little pill helps me along the way.

5) Fish oil – Essential fatty acids great for healthy looking skin, nails and hair. Essential fatty acids are also immune boosting, help regulate blood pressure and much more.

6) My Fitness Pal – I am a big fan of this and slightly obsessive too. I try to get all the essential vitamins and minerals naturally in a day. Any app which keeps you on track is good and fun as you can connect with friends and compete/motivate them using this 😉

7) Work out log book – Don’t make the mistake in thinking ‘you’ll remember’ because one day you’ll show up in the gym and think to yourself…’what am I training today?’ / ‘how much weight did I use last time’? And the chances are your training will suffer because of it, when the intensity plateaus as you end up doing the same weight over and over, never pushing ahead, unsure what you did last time!

8) Heart rate monitor – How hard can you push and for how long? I love to check my heart rate and see how my anaerobic threshold and recovery improves over time. Any gadget that can educate and inform you of your progress is a great thing!

9) Music – I NEED music when I train! Having a great upbeat tune when I feel like I cannot do anymore can push me that extra rep!

10) Chewing gum – Another trick to keep me from giving in to my sweet tooth!

11) Alcohol Cleansing Hand-Gel – Gyms are not the cleanest of places and a lot of bacteria is spread through sweat so make sure to use this!

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