Good morning world – time for some protein! As a ‘pescatarian’ (veggie + fish, no meat), I’m always on the look-out for nutritious, protein-packed alternatives to a dripping steak or a blended shake. One of my favourites is “egg-white omelette with spinach & mushroom’. A timeless classic that’s quick and easy to whip-up, fun to innovate around (try melting-in some low-fat cottage cheese, for example), and a great way to kick-start the day. Aside from the fact that you can practically throw in any vegetable you like, the egg whites are fat and cholesterol free, high in protein (14g protein per 100g), very low in carbohydrates (1g per 100g), low GI and have 70% fewer calories than whole eggs. On days when you’re feeling especially lazy, my recent discovery of ‘Two Chicks‘ is the perfect option – ready-separated free range egg whites in a 500ml carton, which contains a massive 15 egg whites, avoids egg yolk wastage, and works out cheaper! The cartons are pasteurised and contain no preservatives at all. It’s a great low calorie alternative when making omelettes, scrambled eggs or perhaps even protein pancakes (?!). I’d love to hear if you have any favourite nutritious veggie protein-filled recipes! Faya x

5 x egg whites (or c. 1/3 of the Two Chicks carton)
1 x tbsp olive oil
1 x teaspoon cayenne chilli pepper
1 x lemon wedge
Ground black pepper
Handful of chopped fresh spinach
3 x fresh organic mushrooms

1. Whisk the eggs together (unless you’re using ‘Two Chicks’) and add a little salt and pepper. Heat olive oil and pour the eggs into a pan. Finally add the fresh spinach, mushrooms and lemon.
2. Flip over half the omelette as a lid.
3. Serve on a bed of salad (pictured above with vine ripened tomatoes, organic alfalfa sprouts, rocket, watercress) and sprinkle with black pepper.
4. Devour.