Sweet Valentine

Happy Valentines Day! Hope you have a sweet one. It’s typically a (justifiable) day of indulgence, so why not detox tomorrow with this super-healthy dessert I prepared ?! It simply contains the following 5 ingredients:

1) Blueberries – apart from providing a much-needed splash of blue colour to this dish, they’re incredibly rich in antioxidants for healthy cell regeneration, with massive amounts of vitamin K (c.25g per 100g, for healthy clotting, bones and brain function), vitamin C (immune boosting), and manganese (c.16g per 100g, used for calcium absorption which makes for healthy bones), and they are low GI (regulates blood sugar).

2) Raspberries – my favourite 🙂 a wonderfully sour-sweet flavour that complements the fructose in the cherries and blueberries, but plays off the tangy kiwi – yum! Plus this superfood also contains plenty of vitamin C, vitamin K and manganese, (all as in blueberries) whilst increasing heat production in certain fat cells (to maintain the liver and reduce risk of obesity by decreasing production of the fat-digesting enzyme Lipase in the pancreas – the body should absorb & digest less fat!).

3) Cherries – they’re delicious yet low in calories, very rich in the stable anti-oxidant melatonin for relaxing the nervous system, potassium for heart and blood pressure regulation, and are a really bold source of amino acids for muscle rebuilding.

4) Kiwi – just an impossibly dense source of vitamin C, with each large kiwi fruit providing c. 154% of the daily intake, whilst the little black seeds are hidden sources of Omega-3 fatty acids to help lubricate the heart functions. It’s also packed full of the usual vitamin A, K, E, soluble dietary fibre etc, and happens to taste gorgeous!

5) Total 0%-fat Greek yoghurt – this brand is deliciously rich-tasting without the guilt-inducing fat, and is a good source of protein to fuel muscle repair, potassium to condition the heart / brain / kidney, zinc to regulate testosterone, and vitamin B12 to encourage haemoglobin production.

Enjoy! Faya x