This soup recipe is quick, easy and very nutritious. One of the reasons I love making soups is that anything in the fridge is fair game… everything is a potential ingredient (within reason)!  This particular Leek & Carrot soup is made up of just 4 ingredients, which are unremarkable on their own, but when blended together, taste – if I may say so myself – delicious! It’s a healthy mix of carrots (rich in dietary fibre for digestion, vitamin A for healthy vision, and are proven to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease), yoghurt (contains protein to fuel muscle repair, potassium to condition the heart / brain / kidney, zinc to regulate testosterone, and vitamin B12 to encourage haemoglobin production), leek (rich in antioxidants, and calcium to strengthen bones), and some ginger (with anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and digestion-aiding properties) for added flavour. Most recipe books I read suggest plenty of cream to thicken the texture; I’m sure Gordon Ramsay wouldn’t use yoghurt in a soup, but this miraculous 0% fat greek yoghurt from Total is miles healthier than its dairy cousin, and still gives the soup a wonderfully rich texture – just with a mere 57 calories per 100ml vs Sainsbury’s double cream at 445 calories per 100ml! Another great thing about this recipe is that it serves 3-4 people, for under £6.00 in 30 mins so eating fresh healthy food every day doesn’t have to be expensive or time consuming!

To cook it, follow the easy instructions below. Hope you enjoy, and that it warms you up on these cold winters nights!

Faya x


4 x carrots
1 x leek
1 x vegetable stock cube
2 x tablespoons ginger, grated
Chilli Powder
Salt & Pepper
Rinse, clean and slice the leeks (save some leek shreds for garnish). Peel and slice the carrots. Pop the vegetables in a saucepan and pour in the stock broth. Boil contents until soft, for c. 15-20 minutes, add 200g of 0% fat yoghurt, and then puree the soup in the blender/food processor or a hand blender. Stir in the freshly grated ginger and bring to a boil, season with a pinch of chilli powder, salt & pepper. Bon appetit!

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