This recipe for my super-nutritious Asian Coconut Broth is meant to prove that Asian food can not only be incredibly full on flavour, but can also be very healthy. To tick the ever-important protein box, I’ve thrown in prawns, but chicken also works fine with this dish (see photo below). To make it interesting, I’ve given it some more substance by adding quinoa (a low GI seed which packs a complete protein, as discussed in my previous post ‘Nature’s Protein’, here). I’ve also used coconut milk, which apart from being gluten and cholesterol-free, is very rich in manganese (to balance blood sugar), calcium and phosphorus (for bone strength), iron (1 cup provides 25% of your daily requirement, for energy & healthy blood oxygenation), vitamin C (for immune health) and mounds of dietary fibre. Note, coconut milk whilst rich on flavour, is relatively high in fat (20g saturated fat per 100g milk, but no transfat) therefore I only used half a tin, and diluted it with an equal part of water, which still gives it all the taste it needs. Lime gives the dish a sharper kick, but also supercharges the vitamin C content, whilst the flavoursome chilli and ginger raise the body’s metabolic rate, helping you burn your calories quicker! Served piping-hot, it’s a massively hearty (& healthy) option for a midweek meal! Here’s the ingredients list and the ‘how-to’:

Enjoy! Faya x




100 grams prawns (peeled) Or Chicken
1 cup quinoa
Half tin (100g) of coconut milk
2-3 cups water
1 garlic clove
1 fresh lime
2 chili
2 fresh ginger
0.5 tsp salt

red pepper
runner beans

1. Boil the quinoa, coconut milk, water, garlic, lime leaves, chili, ginger and salt, with the lid on, for about 15 minutes.
2. Add the prawns/chicken & season if necessary with more salt.
3. Decorate with vegetables. I used peppers, runner beans and lime.