Primrose Hill

Just me, my 6kg kettle bell, and the park… combined, they give a versatile and explosive full-body workout, which builds power and burns fatWhy do kettle bells work you say? The position and thickness of the handles (hanging directly under the wrists) unevenly distributes the weight which requires more strength in the grip, & more core engagement as the weight is far more difficult to control. Dumbbells by comparison are centred and therefore balanced – kettle bells are inherently unstable; their handles protrude from one side of the sphere & act like an additional pivot point control.The ‘kettle bell swings’ keep the muscles working through the entire motion, so they work all together which avoids imbalances, and is softer on the joints / bones. So they’re great overall muscle-conditioners, & a basic 20min workout can burn up to 270 calories. They were also Gerard Butler’s secret weapon for strength and tone in the movie 300 😉

Here’s my circuit: Do 3 sets for…

CIRCUIT: Do 3 sets for each exercise listed below (10-12 reps per set), without breaks between exercises. The focus of this is on Legs, shoulders & abs.

1) One/both hands – ketlle bell swing: feet shoulder width apart, hold kettle bell with both/one hand. Swing the kettlebell up with one arm, squat down swinging the kettle bell between your legs, pause, then explosively swing it back up to eye level again. (10-12 reps each arm). Targets: shoulders, back, hip, glutes, legs

One/both hands – ketlle bell swing

2) Lunge + oblique twist: Lunge forward with your right leg (though alternate once complete), hands held out in front of you holding the kettle bell, twist from your torso in a 90 degree arc of motion, bringing kettle bell in the direction of your front-extended leg . Targets: legs, glutes, core.

Lunge + oblique twist

3) Russian Twist: Sitting on the ground, bend your legs, hold the kettlebell with both hands, lean back at a 45degree angle, rotate your torse from left to right (twisting at the waist) Almost let the kettlebell touch the ground. Targets: Abs, obliques

Russian Twist

4) Scissors: Lying down, without letting your head or legs touch the floor. Hold the weight in front of you, sit up folding your legs up simultaneously. Targets: abs


5) Push up + one arm row: Perform a full push up, one hand holding the kettle bell, ascending keeping elbows tucked in do a one arm row. (Make sure not to lock out the elbow holding you upright) Targets: chest, arms, back and core
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Push up + one arm row

6) ‘Lying getup’: Lying down, hold the kettlebell in front of you, get up, keeping feet firmly and aligned on the ground. Once up finish of with a one arm shoulder press. Targets: Situp, deep squat, shoulders.

‘Lying getup’

7) Tricep dips: Added the classic tricep dip for fun. Straight legs, shoulders back and let’s go 20 in total! Targets: triceps

Tricep dips

8) ‘Runners’: It’s cold outside, to keep warm alternate bend one leg in under you and change!