Christmas gorging is over; back to normal (healthier) eating habits now, including ‘portion control’. There’s no longer an excuse to pig out on 6 deep-filled luxury yummy mince pies at a time, mulled wine is no longer the main source of fluids, and there is no excuse to nap off a food coma on the bed! If you’re thinking “2013 will be the healthiest yet” when you’ll wake up on January 1st feeling magically refreshed, energised and mysteriously free from destructive cravings… I don’t buy it! One thing at a time. Over the coming three days, I’ll be posting one part of my 3-point plan daily, to help lay the path to a ‘new years resolution’ you can actually keep…


Thanks to supermarkets at Xmas, there’s a sugar rat inside you who is squeaking, keeping you up at night craving sweet things, as it’s been fed on festive simple-sugar overload. Let’s slowly get your glycaemic index under control. This healthy fruit salad took no more than 7 minutes to prepare, has simple sugars that will fulfil your short term cravings, but is natural not refined, is hydrating, and has a host of anti-oxidant and vitamin benefits. Cutting out sugar instantly will result in cold turkey, and a broken resolution, so ease the transition with this yummy & healthy fruit salad…CONTENTS (roughly equal parts):
a) Apple – ‘An apple a day keeps the doctor away’ – rich source of antioxidant compounds which repairs cells and tissue, plenty vitamin C, plenty of fibre, and only c. 80 calories per apple (!)
b) Grapefruit – extremely rich in vitamin C, dietary fibre (pectin), with a remarkably low glycemic index to help the metabolism burn fat.
c) Blueberries – essential dietary mineral Manganese, plus vitamin K (blood clotting and digestion), vitamin C, and dietary fibre. Also a very low glycemic load score
d) Mango – this is mostly about the simple sugars (tastes great), but there is also a high amount of Beta-Carotene (helps sight) and it is rich in prebiotic dietary fibre.A 250gm serving of this likely to contain c. 60-70% water and c. 150-200 calories, whilst providing you with c. 50% 0f your recommended vitamin C intake for the day.
Enjoy! Faya x