Hmm what's it gonna be this xmas ?!?!

Hmm what’s it gonna be this xmas ?!?!

Wondering why it’s so hard to find a lifestyle balance, and just as importantly how to stick to it? I’m a personal trainer, I see a friend’s middle-aged client go to the gym 4-5 times a week, and he works his ASS off, full-on 110% pig-sweats! BUT his body absolutely never changes. The other day, I discovered why; post session, I saw him at the cafe across the road eating an outsized, deep-fried, buttered piece of dripping lard, with extra-light mayo. He is a ridiculous contrast of overly-aggressive gymming and extreme-gorging, and I reckon he’ll last another 5 or 6 years at this rate! There must be another way!!!

Well I think there is! Healthy does not mean boring and/or bland, and training does not mean melting yourself on a treadmill. The ‘Fitness on Toast’ equation goes like this; being healthy = caring for your body. Training right = giving it some nourishing TLC. Healthy = nourishing, spoiling your body with the finest super-foods around. This blog is going to be about showing our bodies some healthy love, both for this coming week and beyond! I hope this can inspire you to eat yourself fit, train yourself healthy. Stay tuned…

Faya x

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