Fitness On Toast Faya Blog Girl healthy Importance Benefits of Muay Thai Martial Arts Health Active Workouts Fit Luxury W Maldives Travel-9GAPWhilst I’m a bit of a pacifist at heart and wouldn’t want to tread on an ant, I had an energising session of punching, kicking, elbowing and kneeing some pads HARD – and I loved it! On my recent visit to the W Maldives, I practiced Muay Thai for the first time in my life, guided by master instructor Mark Angeles, a seasoned Muay Thai practitioner from the Philippines. We taped up our knuckles, donnned gloves, and started ‘sparring’ on the powder-soft, white sand. Whilst it was an exquisite, picturesque setting, let me tell you it’s one seriously grueling workout – the equatorial sun blazing down from above, the instability of jumping about on soft sand, the constant movement, the concentration around coordination, and the powerful twisting explosive movements… it all got me totally exhausted! Click more to see this little post on what I found to be the benefits of trying out this wonderful, ancient and war art! Continue reading


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GAPOn my recent blog trip to the Maldives (does November still count as recent?!), I had the opportunity to stay at the gorgeous W Retreat & Spa Maldives. Up front, I’ll declare that this Active Escape to the Maldives is nothing like the experience I wrote about HERE. In fact, this is unlike anything I imagined I’d encounter in the Maldives; it blends those core Maldivian ingredients of natural paradise and a stunning coral reef, with the energised atmosphere of ‘island-party-bliss’. There’s a totally W-like ‘cool’ here that’s unique to their brand of hotels (you’ll know what I mean if you’ve ever visited one!), but it’s an ambience that’s subtly woven in amongst the turquoise waters, the white sand, and the coconuts! The result is highest-end comfort, lowest-possible stress, and an awesome fun experience that does wonders to recharge the city-dweller’s depleted batteries! Click MORE to see my complete Active Escape review. Continue reading


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When I started Fitness On Toast, I chose the name as a reaction to the sheer number of improvised meals served ‘on toast’ in the UK; my Personal Training clients would fill their food diaries with the likes of beans on toast, cheese on toast, eggs on toast, jam on toast… I wanted to highlight some Fitness on toast instead! However I believe it’s possible to create healthy equivalents to fuel you pre & post workout, yet still preserve the essence of that great national gastronomic heritage! I’ve been working with the UK’s number one oatcake brand, Nairns to achieve precisely that, and this post is all about my healthy canapés, which are delicious, super easy to make, and are served on their exquisite  Super Seeded Organic Oatcakes. Click MORE to see my 5 healthy recipes…

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GAPAs part of writing a lifestyle blog, I’m sometimes asked where I choose to purchase my activewear looks and/or accessories. Up to this point, it’s usually from occasional department store visits. However, things are changing, and today I’m happy to share a little treasure chest of lifestyle finds – Bicester Village. Traditionally thought of as a pure ‘designer outlet’, the shape of their offering is changing, to reflect the different ways that you and I express our shopping impulses! Sportswear has long since joined the ranks of the luxury maisons and to mark the landmark opening of the Lucas Hugh boutique (I’m pictured with founder, Anjhe Mules who I interviewed HERE), I hopped up to Bicester on the direct train from Marylebone, and discovered a wealth of healthy lifestyle shops with proper discounts! This post documents my experience so that you can see if it might be for you too! Continue reading


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GAPThis post is about how to banish the infamous ‘bingo wings’, which secretly work to veil the triceps like a hood; those so-called ‘triceps’ are a large, three-headed group comprising a long, medial & lateral head, all positioned towards the back of the upper-arm. Whether in or out of the gym, we use them for every movement requiring a push, and indeed some that require pulls too. Weaker triceps could well limit the effectiveness of training shoulders, chest and back, and might also stop you from heroically saving the day if extreme arm strength is required in some sort of an emergency! When worked-out properly, you can actually sculpt these triceps so that they look just-so for an upcoming spring getaway occasion! Click MORE to see a full tricep-targeting routine shot wearing the latest collection of Forever 21 activewear … Continue reading


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I can relate to the famous C. S. Lewis quotation ‘Isn’t it funny how day by day nothing changes, but you look back and everything is different’; part of the reason why a quarter of people give up on their New Year’s Resolutions by the end of January is because they expect too much, too quickly. We live in a fast-paced ‘disposable’ society – instant gratification is consumed, then we’re off in search of our next hit! When I learned of the Starbucks No Ordinary Day Latte campaign (which caters for all sorts of customisations!), it made me consider the fix. To make these resolutions stick, I think the key is to decidedly kick off the change by planning an extraordinary day – and then repeating parts of it ever-more regularly whilst having patience! It’s not about one giant leap (dramatic as that may sound), but rather small steps and consistency, and 366 of these will sum to No Ordinary Year! Click MORE to see my thoughts on how to plan it out!  Continue reading


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Happy New Year” is perhaps starting to wear thin now that the first working week’s taken its toll, normality has bitten, and delicious mince pies are but a distant memory. Luckily, FitnessOnToast is here to help by offering some ‘on-the-horizon’ inspo! As part of my ongoing partnership with Westin Hotels & Resorts, I’m going to be giving one lucky UK-based reader (+ partner) the chance to savour his/her very own exquisite Active Escape to  The Westin Turtle Bay Resort & Spa Mauritius, where everything is designed to help you feel your best! I’ll have even custom-crafted you a bespoke healthy program too! To enter, just do a little Instagramming, then come meet me for run & workout around London this January! Click MORE to see exactly what you can expect, and precisely how to register yourself for this awesome prize!

IMPORTANT UPDATE (Thurs 21st Jan):

Due to overwhelming sign-up for the run originally planned for 14:00 Sunday 24th Jan, we have had to RE-SCHEDULE in order to obtain the required bigger-group permit. That means that I’m super disappointed to say that we will no longer host the run this weekend but will soon update you on the new event date – bigger and better!  It’ll be an upgraded and larger wellbeing experience, and it’ll be in the near future! To anyone who had already registered for the run and had entered into the Instagram competition to win a trip to The Westin Turtle Bay Resort & Spa Mauritius, don’t worry – you’ve been automatically entered in the competition, and a winner will be drawn at random from our new event.  I’m so looking forward to meeting you all in person, and putting on an even better event and re-energizing together with Westin! The new details will follow on my Instagram, Twitter & Blog as soon as possible :) Faya x

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