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Fitness On Toast Faya Blog Girl Morocco Food Recipe Inspired Themed Moroccan Salad CousCous Tagine Saffron Courgette Chickpeas Zucchini Aubergine Sultanas Olives-11GAPMyth-buster: ‘Healthy’ doesn’t need to mean bland or boring. I’ve long since learned to cook smarter, and have found that fresh herbs and spices are bursting with flavour and can utterly transform a dish on a super lean calorie budget, whilst possessing a wealth of health benefits such as disease-fighting antioxidants, and protection against chronic conditions (e.g. cancers, diabetes, and heart disease). They’re packed with vitamins and minerals and in the quantities you’ll use for a dish, are super low in calories. So rather than reaching for a creamy sauce to add easy taste (often laden with a lot of the wrong fats and way too much simple sugar) here’s my list of some of the surprising superpowers found within spices and herbs alone! Continue reading


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For me, there’s not much better than the feeling of contentment after an intense ‘sports massage’! Elite athletes consider it an unmissable and totally crucial part of their ‘physical conditioning regime’, to improve performance and boost recovery. But whether you’re off to compete at the Olympics, are a regular gym bunny or a sedentary office worker, everyone’s likely to experience discomfort or tight muscular pain at some point. To clarify, a sports massage is not a ‘cosmetic’ or superficial ‘chill out’ treatment you’d find at a spa; it’s an intensive dose of focused, physical therapy schooled in the medically demonstrable study of the musculoskeletal and nervous systems, administered by qualified professionals. If you’ve not had one, I would strongly recommend you to try! It can materially help you to prevent injury, relieve muscle pain and increase mobility… and there are so many other benefits. That’s what this post is all about! I have long considered it a great skill to help clients prevent or relieve injury/pain, so I got to work on a sports massage course with Discovery Learning! Read my top 8 reasons to go for Sports Massage here

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To combat the frosty chill of winter, some of my favourite warming recipes are unquestionably soups. But beware, not all soups are created equally. You might think they’re healthy because of all that cuddly ‘hearty’ and ‘homely’ PR that goes into them, but take a little look at the label first: a lot of those you’ll find on the supermarket shelves are super-high in sugars and fats, so that they taste impossibly supreme, and because they’re in liquid form, they get metabolised very quickly. These soups are calorie ‘wolves’ dressed in sheep’s clothing! One way to be sure about what you’re nourishing yourself with is to make it from scratch, which helps to ensure added freshness and keep costs down. That’s always my procedure with soups, and is exactly what I did for this healthy and warming ‘Avocado, Broccoli and Chicken Velouté’, bursting with healthy fats, high quality lean proteins, and a metabolic boost to kick! Click ‘MORE’ to find out why it’s healthy, to get the ‘how to’ and see the recipe! Continue reading


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Just a super-quick post to draw attention to a fabulous cause. My friends over at Aussie are supporting not only Movember, but also the lesser-known, yet equally awesome concept of the Misstache – a solidarity cause, for fellow ‘Mo Sistas’. The aim is the same: to improve the lives of men affected by prostate cancer, testicular cancer and mental health problems, and to date, the community has raised £346m. Girls – why not get involved for this super-important cause and show your #Misstache for #Movember – just post & share a cheeky little selfie with an intricate and/or gorgeous locket of hair as your ‘tache & share on Facebook! You could even get a couple of friends misstached up, to help spread the awareness & get Mo Sistas everywhere involved! I went for a bit of a Bjorn Borg 70’s look for mine :D Click MORE to see the other pics from my fun misstate shoot, & to see Aussie’s super-cute video on the efforts…

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Energy – it’s a topic that’s often utterly misunderstood by clients, but I feel is a crucial one to grasp if you’re going to get the most out of your training. It’s our ability to do work. Every cell in our body needs it, and without it we wouldn’t be able to produce hormones, repair tissues, digest food etc. It’s stored in macronutrients (which are those three categories, ‘Fats’, ‘Proteins’ and ‘Carbohydrates’), and is accessible for our muscles to zupp up, via the two states of energy consumption; a) Anaerobic (without oxygen) and b) Aerobic (with). People often assume that one or the other is ‘bad’, but they’re just different, and both helpful! This post will dig into the benefits of each state! Also it was such a beautifully sombre day in London for this Remembrance Sunday, that I decided to visit the Tower of London to catch a final glimpse of the 890k ceramic poppies (called Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red), installed to commemorate those soldiers who bravely fought & died to keep Britain free. Whether you read it for the content, or just look at the pictures, it’s all HERE:
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Fitness On Toast Faya Girl Blog Training Exercise Workout Nutrition Healthy Health Recipe Diet Cheat Treat Chocolate Banana Coconut Dessert Bites Nutritious Tasty Low CalorieGAPThe realities of winter (and shockingly, Christmas) are already upon us, and the lead up to year-end can be a dangerous time; daily festive parties laden with temptation, overflowing with delicious drinks, delectable mince pies, all sorts of irresistible treats… it’s admittedly hard to stay on the straight and narrow. Regular readers of FitnessOnToast will know that I, like most normal red-blooded humans, have a proper sweet tooth – and therefore in an attempt to keep the cravings at bay (for me and hopefully you too), here’s a quick, easy and healthy and nutritious dessert treat; my ‘Banana & Dark Chocolate Snowy Bites’! For some of you, you’ll be happy to hear this also works really well with protein powder.  Continue reading