Fitness On Toast Faya Blog Girl Healthy Workout Gym Christmas list Shopping Harrods Gadget Detox New Year Slim Diet Technogym Nike Monreal Wusthof Herbal Tea-33GAPI’ve left this ‘Christmas gift list’ post very late in the day, but not by accident; December will have been a seasonally indulgent month for many of us, and the last thing you want think about whilst you’re toasting with a flute of delicious bubbly is a ‘healthy reboot’. However, now is the time to snap up those last-minute healthy gifts, ready to help loved ones re-focus on the New Year reforms – and there are still 3 very productive shopping days left to do it! Click MORE to check out the 14 essential goodies on my FitnessOnToast wish list from my wander around London’s iconic Harrods :)

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Pick up the viper on the gym floor!!! No not the venomous snake, but this functional, weighted cylinder that’s built for strength training. The benefits of functional training are huge; it’s an industry buzz-phrase that gets plenty of air time, but boiled down, it just means ‘exercises that are like the everyday movements’. The VIPR (a catchy acronym for Vitality, Performance and Reconditioning) is an excellent way to access this, with workouts that help to develop strength, build tone, hone balance, improve coordination, and intensify calorie burn. This post looks at why you might want to use it in your workouts…

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Christmas is infamous for overeating indulgent sugary, fattening foods. This post is my attempt at a healthier alternative – it’s a tour-de-force of the same foods but with a bit of a lighter twist. Perhaps you can just pick and choose a few ideas from it, and as you can see from the picture above, ‘healthier’ needn’t look any less inviting and ‘Christmassy’ :) ! Click MORE to see lovely pictures of the rest of my meal & get the ‘how to’ :) Faya


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During a recent Leg Session (one of my favourite body parts to train), I decided to do some ‘plyo box squats’. The word plyo – a contraction of ‘plyometric’ – basically means ‘jump training’. A simple practise, yes, but an awesome weapon in the fitness arsenal, due to the amount of muscular and cardiovascular exertion it generates. This is a little post on the benefits on plyometrics, why box squats are so fantastic, and how to execute them correctly! Also included are some step-ups – oldies, but goodies :D Continue reading


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INDULGENCE ALERT! December holds so many relentless temptations; sugary cocktails, heavenly mince pies, calorific festive dinners, and all the other trimmings. Whilst the FitnessOnToast ethos encourages regular engagement with your ‘cheat treat’, it certainly doesn’t condone the tragicomic 7,000 calories that the average Brit will eat on christmas day! So for now, here’s my latest tasty recipe to help you stay on track with your fitness goals this December; Healthy Festive Pancakes! The ingredients are all natural, the taste is naturally (and modestly) sweetened, the texture is somewhere between regular and American pancakes (filling and thick, yet light and fluffy, with a deliciously full flavour). The result crushes future urges and/or temptations! Click MORE to get the ‘How To’… Continue reading


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The battling ropes might look easy, but when executed correctly your whole body will be screaming in fabulous-workout-pain! I find that they challenge me in ways that are totally unlike other equipment, and can yield transformative results from a ‘toning’ perspective. They’re ‘tough fun’, can help develop power, explosiveness, muscular and cardiovascular endurance, build functional strength and toast fat! By design, they’re slightly too cumbersome and heavy to take around with you anywhere in the Prada – so on this occasion I opted for the Omnia installation at my local Virgin (no, these are not paid links, just good practise!). Find out why and how, here… Continue reading


Fitness On Toast Faya Blog Girl Healthy Breakfast Nutrition Recipe Fashion OOTD Chia Seed Protein Cinnamon Sundae Food Diet MakeGAPThis post details a quick, easy and healthy recipe suggestion for tomorrow’s breakfast. As part of the superfood elite, chia seeds slightly defy the laws of physics; whilst each seed is tiny, its superpowers are disproportionately sized, as if they’re some kind of ‘David & Goliath’ of the nutrition world! They expand by 900% in water so that you’re fuller for longer, they’re antioxidant rich, a great source of protein (c. 20g per 100g) and healthy fats (8x more than salmon!), plus they’re awesome for skin, hair and nails! Aside from having used them to create some mixologist-quality dessert flourishes, this recipe is a little more savoury breakfast take on it. It’s super easy to make, ultra-healthy and very filling! Click MORE for the recipe. Continue reading