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I’ve had a couple of emails asking about my trip to Abu Dhabi which recently featured on my Instagram, so thought I’d pop a quick post up about it! One of the biggest upsides to “Active Travel” is that you get to combine a healthy lifestyle with the thrill of discovering somewhere new and exciting. When I recently had the awesome opportunity to hop over to Abu Dhabi to attend the annual Sheikh Mohammed bin Saeed bin Hamdan Al Nahyan tennis tournament, I instantly took the opportunity, having never visited before. Monreal London, one of the Sheikha’s favourite tennis brands, had been asked to join the Tournament, alongside legendary British brands Fortnum & Mason and Graff Diamonds, and I was invited along for the occasion! Click MORE to see some of my behind-the-scenes pics from a fabulous spectacle of fitness!
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It’s possibly the one and only liquid that fills you up, beautifies, can prove unexpectedly satisfying, and boasts a guilt-free 0 calories. I’m talking about water, of course! It’s still cold in London, but spring is finally on it’s way. However, don’t  be fooled into thinking that just because you’re not sweating under the roasting summer sun that you won’t require as much water; chances are that you just can’t notice the perspiration as its evaporating rapidly, so you’ll still need to drink up! Regardless, the benefits of proper hydration, both for training and broader lifestyle, are almost endless! It’s one of the key messages I try to communicate to personal training clients when I first sit down with them to discuss the lifestyle component of their health & fitness regime. To tie in with the Better with BRITA campaign running at the moment, this post is a quick reminder of the 8 key reasons you might like to drink just a little more H20 :) (MORE)…

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As regular readers may have noticed, I love to feature my active escapes on the blog; the series of posts grew as a reaction to an observation that clients, friends and family seem to want to stay in shape whilst on holiday, and even to use that very same holiday as a chance to become a little more healthy. The ‘active escape’ is a proper, growing trend in today’s health-aware world, and whilst I’m not talking about abstinent, monk-like Zen retreats, discerning travellers are after indulgence, with the optional facility to stay fit. With that in mind, I’m super happy to have teamed up with Travelex for a collaboration highlighting my ‘top 5 active-escapes wishlist’ for 2015. Click MORE to get a feel for the sorts of escapes I think will prove a hit from both a culture AND wellness perspective…

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I haven’t posted a recipe for a while, so here’s another super healthy, quick and easy one to add to your repertoire! These little Egg Muffins contain some great lean protein, healthy fats, plenty of fibre and a host of vitamins & minerals. One observation I’ve made during my pursuit of a healthy lifestyle is that often, we overlook the concept of ‘presentation’. Whilst you may be ‘food-prepping’ six tupperware containers every evening, I think occasionally its important to sit down and really enjoy a proper meal, because after all we eat with our eyes (as well as with our mouths!). But the presentation bit need not amount to hours of painstaking fussing; instead I’d argue this little recipe is a perfect example that mouth-watering presentation can be pretty quick, clocking in at under 15 minutes total! These muffins can be stored in the fridge for circa 2-3 days as well, so whip up a batch and see what you think! Get the recipe and how-to here…

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I recently hopped over to Florida for a photo shoot with Trendy Sports, one of the US’ leading online ‘fitness fashion’ destinations, now in Europe too. When they first got in contact, I took a look at their website and instantly wanted to be involved; they’ve curated a collection of many of my absolute favourite fitness brands in one place (Monreal, Lucas Hugh, J Linderberg, Peak Performance, Hugo Boss etc), and the original imagery on their sites definitely straddles the fitness/fashion boundary. ‘Golf’ may often conjure up dull images of the standard ‘white polos and chinos’ uniform; in these photos the mixture of styles – traditional as well as bold prints and colours were clearly taking 18th (& 19th-hole) fashion in a totally new direction! It was proving what I’ve always believed, that there is practically no separation between fashion and fitness wear. Fitness is a genuine, legitimate fashion occasion, and it’s ok to dress up for it! Click MORE to see some of their campaign images as well as some behind-the-scenes shots I snapped too!

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A couple of weeks back, I was joined by friends from Technogym, LuluLuemon, Misfit and my partner in nutritious crime Dr. Michelle Storfer – along with a group of fabulous attendees – to discuss ‘The Future of Fitness’ at the Hoxton Hotel Holborn for an event hosted by Cointreau (phew, long sentence)! The reason I wanted to bring these panellists together is because I think there’s been a totally seismic shift in the health and fitness industry over the last few years, especially in terms of how we consume it through social media. People are partaking of daily fitspo like never before, and the health-conscious are joining a growing on-line community where people display nutritious recipes, opine on fitness fashion ‘looks’ and share workouts. There’s a markedly increased thirst for fitness knowledge too – people want to educate themselves on what to eat, how to train but also why they’re doing it in the first place, and how it all fits together. This is a true age of health enlightenment. This event was all about highlighting some of the key changes and how they might play out going forward! Read MORE to see what we arrived at…

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This utterly delicious dish was inspired by my admittedly childish love of animation. If you haven’t seen it, Ratatouille is a laugh-out-loud Pixar movie which I think works just as well for adults as for children. Regardless of that side-track, whether you’re a cartoon fan or not, this dish is, as ever, healthy, super easy to prepare and packed with overwhelmingly gorgeous flavour. I teamed it with some fresh Haddock from the local fish mongers which I poached in a filtered water-bath. The main activity involved in crafting a Ratotouille masterpiece is a whole lot of chopping (great cardio), so sharpen your knives and lets go! (MORE)

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